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Health Worker (Auxiliary)
The position of an auxiliary health worker was created to meet the chronic shortage of skilled health workers. Auxiliary health workers serve the community on a voluntary basis or can work for large hospitals or clinics.

An auxiliary health worker is taught basic patient-care skills such as simple massage, dispensing non-prescription medicines and giving nutritional advice. They may provide assistance to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other medical professionals.

Satisfying Aspects
- working with people
- knowing your work can help others who are ill
- working as part of a medical team
- working in the health field without having to obtain advanced education

Demanding aspects
- being on call
- shift work
- working some weekends and holidays
- having to deal with difficult patients or hospital staff

An auxiliary health worker should:
- be patient;
- have empathy;
- want to work with ill people;
- be responsible;
- be neat and orderly.

School Subjects
No specific requirements although a grade 10 Certificate may be necessary for some positions.

Compulsory Subjects: None
Recommended Subjects: Life Sciences

Large hospitals and clinics offer the auxiliary health worker in-service training. For the assistant physiotherapist and occupational therapist, a 1-year programme comprising both lectures and clinical practice is available.

On completion of training, the person must register with the Interim National Medical and Dental Council of South Africa.

- Large hospitals
- Clinics
- Physiotherapists (assistant physiotherapist)
- Occupational therapists (assistant occupational therapist)

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